ECCO's support services 

The support services modules in ECCO are used to record and evidence all the stages of delivering support to vulnerable clients (e.g. those with physical and/or mental health needs) against commissioner requirements. These services can be referred to as Evidenced Client-Centred Outcomes from which ECCO derived its name. 

ECCO is used by our customers for many services including mental health, addiction services, learning disabled, autism, and complex care services in CQC registered supported living, homelessness accommodation, residential homes or in community facilities.

Referral, assessment, support plan and outcome achievement

From application to exit, all interventions including referral, allocation, support, review, risk management and exit is captured in ECCO and reported in real time. 


ECCO enables a client centred support plan to be configured to match the precise requirements of any organisation. Group activities, client wellbeing and all tangible outcomes are collected and reported on. Client history from application to exit shows any and all interventions and how they are delivered (phone, one to one, client review, group support, client survey etc).


The system can be used to generate reports on activities that are not funded but can be used to support added value reports. Our hierarchical log-in feature enables client access to their personal support plan - either in a read-only capacity or to add comments. Clients or client families can access the system to comment on the service, take part in surveys and generally stay involved in the support delivery if the organisation wants to allow the access.

Support plans

ECCO allows and guides you to create SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely - personalised support plans to meet the goals identified in the needs assessment part of the workflow. The implementation and achievement of these SMART steps is the focus for evidenced outcomes of your service. 


ECCO is configured to the exact specifications of the support model, including: holistic assessments, recovery & wellness action plans, PEEPs, health action plans etc. 

Managing risks in support services

ECCO recognises that an essential element of any care and support service is the management of risks in an open and auditable way especially when dealing with vulnerable people.

We also recognise that risk and needs assessment practices are unique to every organisation. Our needs and risk assessment modules include SMART support planning, outcome-focused support tools, reportable risk RAG (Red-Amber-Green) ratings, risk flags, trigger and severity ratings, and positive risk management plans. We can help you in assessing and managing support needs and risks and can support you to develop evidence-based, detailed plans.

An optional module of ECCO extends the risk to the well-being of your clients through a hazard check of the buildings where your clients reside.  It records and alerts risk information like gas checks, water temperature, fire alarms etc. 

Monitoring and reporting outcomes

The client outcomes chosen by any provider will depend on the commissioner requirements therefore each service is configured according to the outcomes and interventions the commissioner is funding.

The Outcome Star is often used by our customers for this purpose. Reports on successful interventions and work undertaken toward them is recorded and are available in real time.


Outcome focused reporting will clearly demonstrate service delivery to commissioners and other

key stakeholders.

Reporting social values

One of advantages of the SMART steps approach to providing support is it allows the reporting of social values for the achieved outcomes in the support plan.

ECCO's unique ability to embed the relevant and nationally recognised values of the Social Value Data Bank supported by HACT (Housing Association Community Trust) to create Social Value reports that help in strategic management planning and in reporting to all key stakeholders.

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ecco solutions specialises in providing web-based software to organisations that support vulnerable individuals either in community or in living accommodation, as well as to those that provide elderly care and/or extra care in care homes or in residences. Our senior staff have between them extensive experience of large scale web-based applications, the support services sector, and supported housing in particular.


The company is established as a limited company in the United Kingdom and is funded and owned by its directors.

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