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Our ECCO team are here to help your organisation succeed in delivering excellent support and care to the vulnerable and elderly

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Key staff members to support you

Roy Kunar – Managing Director
The buck stops here! His job is to make sure you get what you want, when you want it and in the time that you want it. He has ways of making it happen, so use him anytime!


Colin Hamer – Finance Director and Data Protection Officer

His job is to ensure that all security regulations for the control of personal data are all in place and effective. He also handles all contractual and financial matters. Breaks the mould of a finance guy by being very approachable and responsive!


Jo Eaton – Customer Accounts Manager
With years of experience in care and support, Jo speaks and understands your language and can be a big help in defining your needs and helping you to realise your vision. She’s really good at being on your side and being on your team. So make her day and call her!


Adam Hamer – Software Development Director
His job is to make life easy for you by continuously improving the software from feedback we get from you. Very technical but brilliant at giving you a great user experience!


Hayley Evans – Customer Liaison Officer
We call her “configuration queen”.  She makes sure that ECCO works exactly how you want it and deals with any glitches you may report through our online 24/7 ticketing support system to keep you fully operational. Hayley takes the shouting and screaming out of getting support!


Neale Upstone – Technical Director
He’s the big picture guy that directs the design and architecture of ECCO ensuring “future proofing”, great user experience, security, reliable hosting and all those other things that are necessary to make you sleep well at night, even if he doesn’t!