ECCO’s rota module, which can be integrated with the HR module, includes these features:

  • Allows matching of skills to needs when allocating staff to client visits/activities
  • Produces invoice reports for billing relevant commissioner or the client
  • Integrates with other calendar features within ECCO
  • Provides for multiple repeating (e.g. 8am Mon-Fri) scheduled activity types against a single service agreement
  • Scheduled items are shown as tentative until allocated to a staff member, and can optionally be re-scheduled or skipped without affecting normal time of day
  • Allows staff (or an admin on their behalf) to easily enter their availability for any upcoming month
  • Highlights weekends and core hours
  • Allows blocks to be entered (e.g. 9-5 on 3rd -> 7th Oct in a single mouse action)
  • Shows all allocated and unallocated activities for a given day (can be modified give multi-day view if required)
  • Easily navigate to a given date, or previous/next day
  • Drag and drop to allocate an activity to a staff member
  • Click to show more details and options for staff member
  • Navigate directly to edit staff availability

Please note: Any feature of any module or specific service type can be configured into any other module or service if required.