Property Maintenance

A buildings module has now been implemented into ECCO with the ability to configure a “support plan” for a building to cover required health and safety checks such as testing of lift alarms, fire alarms, and water temperatures. Each location is pre-populated with items that need checking, and any actions recorded and dates for future interventions noted. For example, a failed Health and Safety check prompts the staff member to immediately send an email to repairs or management so the action is completed at the scene, without generating further paperwork, or relying on staff to remember to follow the matter up.

With ECCO’s offline capability, staff are able to use their mobile phones/tablets to input data and move on to their next location without worrying about any loss of signal—ECCO syncs the data seamlessly as soon as a signal is available.

Please note: Any feature of any module or specific service type can be configured into any other module or service if required.