Offender Management Services

ECCO can be configured to monitor generic outcomes alongside criminal justice orders issued against the client. All interventions and activities include a target date which will alert staff and clients that appointments (mandatory and/or voluntary) are due. This enables staff to support the client to attend, therefore reducing risk of re-arrest for none compliance.

ECCO can be configured to suit all types of service model. ECCO customers capture and report on outcomes including: offence free for 1 month; attendance at college/training/voluntary; attending atonement support services; compliant with ‘tag’ restrictions—and any other resources available to the organisation to help maintain the client in the community.

ECCO can show all advice, and suggested activities, offered to the client, whether such are accepted or not—in this way organisations can protect future funding if clients are not successful.

 ECCO can highlight any potential risk or threat posed by the clients, and include trigger and control mechanisms for any eventuality. Safeguarding, or organisational procedure, for any eventuality can be captured to evidence staff knowledge and the safe management of this vulnerable client group. Using ECCO’s HACT database, the Social Impact of investment can be demonstrated. This is automatically calculated based on achieving interventions that support the overarching goal of a client’s rehabilitation into the community.

Please note: Any feature of any module or specific service type can be configured into any other module or service if required.