Intensive Housing management

The ECCO Intensive Housing Management (IHM) module has been designed in response to the cuts to adult social care grants including Supporting People and Adult Social Care Packages.

This module enables landlords and care providers to evidence the support they offer to ensure tenants remain in the community without having to navigate around evidencing the needs and providing proof of the QAF standard allocation process. ECCO is configured based on the actual client support you do, rather than a prescriptive set of outcomes commissioned.

Thus the module enables registered Social Landlords to evidence any IHM support given and access a revenue stream now paid out as part of Housing Benefit.

In summary:

  • easy to use screens—just two steps to identify the client and the type of support you have provided
  • includes signposting services, crisis intervention, and property related support
  • can be used to capture all support provided to the general needs population to demonstrate added value.
  • easy for managers—real-time Social Value results can be provided


Please note: Any feature of any module or specific service type can be configured into any other module or service if required.