Domiciliary Care

ECCO has been designed to monitor domiciliary care clients from referral onwards, handling all the client reports and evidencing the support worker/client interface and the work done to achieve the outcomes you have agreed with your commissioner. With ECCO it is possible to evidence to your commissioner even ‘soft’ outcomes, and demonstrate the quality of your 24 hour support services where the monitoring focus is on hours and number of support visits.

Where scheduling is required, ECCO rota and HR modules provide all the tools required to schedule visits, for example, compare planned hours against actual hours delivered, skill match clients with appropriate staff members, schedule 2-1 work—thus ensuring each appointment is delivered by staff best equipped to deal with it, including for example; male/female, lifting handling training, epilepsy qualified etc. Each client file includes a dashboard showing the number of visits and hours delivered in a given period based on the care package agreed.

ECCO is easy to use for frontline staff—they simply open ECCO using their username and password—this opens their homepage showing their scheduled appointments for the day. By clicking on each appointment (which will show the name, address and contact details for that client) the client file is opened and staff can record the required information about that visit.

Seamless offline working when the WIFI signal is poor or non-existent is a further boon to community staff. Furthermore, ECCO is a valuable management tool, as the system includes in its audit trail the precise GPS location of the staff member.

Please note: Any feature of any module or specific service type can be configured into any other module or service if required.