Addiction Services

ECCO works with a variety of service types for this vulnerable client group, including ‘wet houses’ sites funded to support people to reduce or stop substance/alcohol misuse.

One of ECCO’s customers looks to involve families of their clients to help them to support the individual trying to abstain. Other providers link closely with other services, sharing the ECCO site to ensure all agencies involved with the process of withdrawal are aware of work being carried out externally.

We can configure ECCO to record and report on any interventions/support offered/smart steps—and ECCO is currently enabling one of our customers, a specialist unit, to report on these primary headings:

  • Addiction Management
  • Crime Education
  • Crime and ASB
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Housing
  • Impaired Parenting Capacity
  • Mental Health/Dual Diagnosis
  • Physical Health
  • Poverty
  • Worklessness

All the outcome headings above feature heavily in the HACT value Bank which can be integrated into ECCO, automatically generating a Social Impact report as objectives, outputs, and outcomes are achieved.

Please note: Any feature of any module or specific service type can be configured into any other module or service if required.