Some details of the ECCO platform for the more technically minded...

Did someone say a mobile, online/offline saas solution with 3rd party api integration?

...let's check this out!

Though ECCO is simple and intuitive to use, there is much sophistication 'beneath the bonnet' as can be appreciated by those who are technically minded.  Such sophistication is to ensure a 'future-proof' software that can be easily configured or added to, to meet the growing demands in a changing social and economic environment. 


From the sophistication of the SPRING framework used by more than 50% of the Global 500 companies to our proprietary 'Audit First   ' architecture and technology and Google’s Material Design standards for user interface, ECCO is unique in design to give you an ultra-reliable and value-added product that is best of its kind on the market.    


Some of the key features of the ECCO platform

SPRING framework for server-side frameworks


Microsoft 'safe' Javascript for client-side (browser) frameworks


Google’s Material Design standard for best user experience


SaaS solution from conception with hosting solution selected for reliability and rapid disaster recovery 


Innovative offline working with encryption on local device

Mobile application – all supported mobile devices on Android or IOS browsers

Sophisticated algorithms for configurable linear and complex workflows

High security and hierarchical access controls

Online/offline continuous operation when WiFi is not reliable.  This feature allows devices without SIM cards to be used.


Embedded Custom form builder

Audit focused through 'Audit First   ': ECCO’s audit-first technology ensures that any changes (whether temporary or permanent) are clearly tracked in the audit history.

Web API integration for 3rd party products - currently integrated with three major housing management software products

Built in dashboard and reports engine


about the company

supporting you in supporting others

ecco solutions specialises in providing web-based software to organisations that support vulnerable individuals either in community or in living accommodation, as well as to those that provide elderly care and/or extra care in care homes or in residences. Our senior staff have between them extensive experience of large scale web-based applications, the support services sector, and supported housing in particular.


The company is established as a limited company in the United Kingdom and is funded and owned by its directors.

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