ECCO for care/ extra care services

All care and extra care service needs are recorded and monitored within the ECCO software. 

The product is applicable for use in all types of accommodation including care homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, continuing care retirement facilities, and residential homes.

Care plans and care delivery

ECCO is a wrap-around product that utilises its online care planning, rostering, invoicing and payroll, and reporting modules for a complete service. 


These modules are all supported on the ECCO platform to provide a complete, self-contained, auditable system for the provision of care/extra care services to your clients. 

payroll & invoicing

care plans

scheduling & rostering

care and

extra care 


care plan

Care plans

At the heart of ECCO are personalised digitised care plans. The care plans would contain all activities desired and necessary to the well-being of the client.  It will include such things as medication needs, hygiene and sleep requirements, and therapeutic activities and other complex care needs. The care plan would include the risks to be managed in the delivery of the care/extra care. 


The digitised care plans can be made accessible to family members and medical professionals in a safe and secure way.

Simple to use Scheduling and Rostering

ECCO’s rostering module has a clean, simple look to provide managers with easy to interpret weekly and daily rotas for healthcare assistants or support workers. Rotas, staff availability, and individual service user support requirements can all be edited directly from the rota screen, rather than navigating away to other parts of ECCO.

Sophisticated AI technology sets ECCO apart from other online rostering solutions. Our auto-plan function supports rota planners in providing continuity of care with staff and service user combinations, whilst taking into account changes to staff availability and service user requirements on a week-to-week basis.

Service user support needs and requirements are matched to care workers’ skills and interests to ensure best-case matching in rotas. These relationships are stored in the rota history and help to form the decisions made within the auto-plan feature. 

Whether through GPS tracking, QR codes or a simple start & stop visit button—rota compliance can be monitored in real time.

Invoicing and payroll 

ECCO allows organisations responsibility for creating their own billing rates, contract variations, and renewal notices.  ECCO creates a fully audited history of any contract changes.

The evidence verification process ensures that all service users' planned support is signed off by a manager if it sits outside the planned rostering, ensuring that no safeguarding concerns arise. This reporting of planned vs. actual service delivery is an intuitive, straightforward reporting process so that managers of all levels can feel confident in this auditing process. 

Payroll and invoicing reports are available in CSV and Excel formats. They can be customised to meet your requirements.

Medication management

In ECCO medication support plans are created to give workers key information to supplement the medication administration process. The administration of medication can be further enhanced by positive risk management plans for service users who wish to self-medicate, or who are working towards this outcome with you.

Central to medication monitoring is ECCO’s eMAR which enables online recording, tracking and reporting of medication compliance. A straightforward design ensures that this critical function is easy and accurate for workers to complete.

ECCO software architecture built on ‘Audit First   ’ principles facilitates a truly reportable service user journey. All medication tasks create an accessible, filterable audit trail that managers have access to at all times. 


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ecco solutions specialises in providing web-based software to organisations that support vulnerable individuals either in community or in living accommodation, as well as to those that provide elderly care and/or extra care in care homes or in residences. Our senior staff have between them extensive experience of large scale web-based applications, the support services sector, and supported housing in particular.


The company is established as a limited company in the United Kingdom and is funded and owned by its directors.

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